The platform that helps bring out the best in your people.

People success videos

Real stories from Glint's clients, crafted into engaging narratives.

Motion graphics

Explainers and product walkthroughs – simply showcasing Glint's complex tech.

Welcome to Glint

A comprehensive animated explainer video to convey the key values of Glint's software in a simple, concise, and beautiful way.

Product explainer

A quick overview of Glint's product features and benefits to get current and potential users up to speed.

Culture videos

Decoding the Power of Data-Driven HR

People Success

Delve into the secrets of achieving success with Glint's innovative solutions, empowering organizations to thrive in their people management journey.

people science

Unleash the power of "People Science" as we explore the fusion of data, analytics, and HR, revolutionizing workforce optimization.

The People Science Team

Meet the brilliant minds behind Glint's People Science team, driving transformative insights for unlocking individual and organizational potential.

Summit videos

On-site production for the company's annual conference.


Unveiling captivating moments in motion

Experience the excitement of Glint's summit events, where industry leaders gather to shape the future of people management.

Testimonial videos

Genuine voices expressing the value and impact of Glint's solutions.


Executive Portraits

Capturing leadership with authenticity and impact

Team headshots

Revealing the faces behind the collective success

Stock photography

Enhancing your branded content with professional imagery

Team Headshots

Modern headshots for the whole team


Hear from the clients themselves about our process.

"They were pivotal in helping us grow from 15, to 300, to an acquisition from Linked-In."
Jim Bell
Chief Marketing Officer
"Ted is a truly incredible storyteller. He made us look so good."
Catie Farrrow
Head of Brand and Storytelling
"Had so much fun traveling the world together on all our shoots. You are such a pro!"
Amanda Mandell
Customer Marketing Manager
"Very professional, accountable and high-quality work from the Infinit team."
Justin Black
Head of Glint

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