A global Gem NFT exchange

Luxury product illustrations for a high touch product

Authenticated gemstone NFT's

Showcasing blockchain security

Bringing the brand to life

A luxury digital experience for the world's leading Gem NFT exchange

The first ever blockchain backed Gemstone marketplace

We built a modern and elegant website to showcase the innovation and credibility of Genesis Gemstones.

Asset libraries for the web and beyond

We created a robust and adaptable graphic system to showcase the gemstones with a unique and compelling visual identity.

Giving a glimpse of the product

Showing users key features without overwhelming them with too much complexity from screenshots.

web(3) design

Shipping a fresh, fun and fully responsive redesign of a 40+ page site.

Unforgettable visuals

Iconic graphics that encapsulate the key values of the product.

Custom scrollytelling animations

Delivering luxury experiences through unique motion graphics.

Brand & logo design

An unmistakable visual language for the entire Genesis Gems ecosystem.

Lux logo design

We brought together the diamond icon with a double 'G' in the style of ancient Indian glyphs that the gemstones come from.

Jewel tones

A vibrant palette of gemstone colors that let graphics pop off the page.


Hear from the clients themselves about our process.

"They know their stuff. Great team of webflow experts to work with."
Ubair Javaid
CTO, Genesis Gems
"They went above and beyond. And we were not easy to work with!"
Sabrina Reece
Associate Producer

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