A digital production platform for the film & TV industry

full stack design for desktop, tablet, mobile, and TV

intuitive components for a cohesive experience

interfaces that don't interfere with creative workflows

Interface design

Crafting an elegant experience for the virtual production super-app.

'Core' – an atomic design system

In order to guide the design process for 5th Kind's complex interfaces, we developed a flexible, full stack design system.

Responsive component library

The design system includes both style variable like color values, type scales, and icons, as well as more complex global components like buttons, menus, and profiles.

Handoff specs

Complex designs require a thorough handoff process. We created detailed documentation and specs for each design to ensure a faithful implementation.

Beautiful interfaces

All of this work culminated in a full redesign of the desktop web app, mobile app, and Apple TV app that boosted productivity and improved usability for 5th Kind's clients.

Try our interactive prototype for 5th Kind's player:

web(flow) development

Shipping a fresh, fun and fully responsive redesign of a 40+ page site.

Custom product illustrations

Giving users a taste of the product experience, without weighing them down with complex demos.

Interactive scroll animations

Using motion graphics to tell 5th Kind's story and engage users as they browse the site.

Brand & logo redesign

Developing a comprehensive reimagining of 5th Kind's visual identity

Logomark redesign

We brought 5th Kind's brand mark into a more modern tech landscape while staying true to the original concept. The blue dot and arrow on the right highlights the 'user' at the center of 5th Kind's mission.

Adaptive brand typography system

A flexible and robust type scale for use across product, web, and marketing content.

Core color palette

5th Kind's product color system codes semantic information to improve usability, while secondary colors add more vibrancy to marketing and web content.


Hear from the clients themselves about our process.

"Infinit changed our whole look, which lead to acquisition."
Steve Cronan
5th Kind Founder & Ceo
"They are great to work with and get the job done."
Trevan Strean
5th Kind Creative director
"They can handle anything. We spent years testing that."
Paige Barnett
5th Kind CMO
"Always delivered. Thanks Ted and Isaac!"
Bryan Gyss
Technical Director

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